8 Skincare Hacks Every Girl Should Know

As girls, we’re always looking for the next best thing—especially when it comes to skincare. But what if I told you there are skincare hacks you could already implement into your routine? Sign me up!! These hacks not only make your life easier (yes, please), but also benefit your skincare routine. All in all, it’s a win!

Massage in Moisturizer Whilst Face Still Wet

Wherever in your routine your moisturiser falls, whether after cleansing or after applying toner, massage your face with moisturizer whilst still wet. Why, you might ask? Moisturisers are actually most effective when applied to damp skin because damp skin absorbs product more readily. Meaning? More moisture! More bang for your buck! It gives the moisturizer the chance to lock in hydration.

Another damp skin, moisturizer hack? Give yourself a mini-facial (that you very much deserve). While the skin is damp, massage the skin in small circular motions for two minutes. This will stimulate blood flow to the skin and bring nutrients to the skin cells… say hello to a dewy skin complexion!

Rub an Ice Cube Over Your Face Before Starting Your Make-Up

One of the best skincare hacks is already in your freezer. Contrary to what you might think, giving your skin a nice ice massage before applying make-up improves blood circulation to the skin and makes it radiant and bright! While your pores do not “shrink,” the face does appear tighter and lifted. You might also notice that mild inflammation is calmed because blood vessels are constricted. Less redness, brightness, and a fresh glow…the perfect start to a makeup routine.

Keep Your Toner in the Fridge

Similar to the ice cube hack, keeping toner in the fridge will help enhance its skin-tightening properties. Not only that, you’ll get its optimal refreshing benefits and it will keep the botanical actives working at their best. You’ll notice a cool, refreshing toner will provide a soothing feeling that can calm inflamed, irritated skin, leaving it radiant and refreshed.

Replace Your Pillowcase Once a Week

Dirt, grime, and sweat…all can be lurking in your pillowcase if it’s not changed regularly. Even scarier, think about your haircare products that transfer oils to the pillow and can transfer to your face. All of this bacteria, returned back to the face, can clog pores and cause blemishes.

Pat Dry Your Face Only: No Wiping!

One amazing thing about pat drying your face? It enhances penetration of the products! Patting is gentler on the skin, while wiping and rubbing can contribute to wrinkles (no thank you!!) It can break down collagen and elastin, which keep the skin firm and elastic. Wiping and rubbing can also disrupt pre-existing skin conditions (like acne or broken blood vessels) and worsen redness and inflammation. It sounds like pat drying is the way to go…

Skip the Dessert the Night Before an Event

This is the very last thing you want to hear today, but the latest scientific evidence suggests that foods that increase blood sugar may be the main culprit in acne. When we consume excess sugar, this leads to extreme inflammation due to the hormone insulin, which not only promotes acne, but exacerbates existing conditions. Have an important date or event tomorrow night? Skip dessert tonight and stay away from sugar!

Add Drops of Face Oil to Your Foundation

 Keeping our skin moisturized is always top priority! Face oils have many benefits, ranging from balancing our skin’s lipid layer to providing essential nutrients to the skin. Adding a few drops of face oil to your foundation will help improve not only the quality of the foundation, but also your skin. Instead of simply having foundation, you now have a source of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydrators that can help result in a natural, dewy (!) finish.

Only Wash Your Face with Water in the Morning

Irritated, red skin? You could be over-washing your skin. It’s what we tend to do, we want our skin to be “clean,” when instead, it really needs natural oils. Our skin refreshes overnight when our organs regenerate. Most of us only need a light refresher in the morning, and water does just the trick. Your skin’s natural defence barrier is protected, and it lets the skin naturally repair!






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