Why you should choose Cruelty-Free

It enrages me that millions of animals lose their lives every year in product tests for the sake of longer lashes or creamier potions. It absolutely doesn’t need to be this way. We’re 100% against animal testing and want you to feel your best, do amazing things for your skin and know that not a single beautiful creature has been harmed in the process.  Natural skin care is not only a win for your face and body, it’s a win for animals the world over.

We’re guessing you’ve heard of animal testing but it may shock you to know the truly horrendous tests our gentle animal friends go through to create the stuff we put on our skin. Animal testing is crueller than you think. Just like humans, animals are capable of feeling pain and suffering and the tests they are subjected to violate the basic right of any creature to live a pain-free existence.

They spend their lives locked in cages to be experimented on; skin and eye irritation testing are common in skincare and cosmetic testing. Another regular practice is the ‘lethal dose’ method, where animals are force-fed huge doses of test chemicals and monitored for reactions. 

The results of these tests are tragic and include internal bleeding, blindness, swollen eyes, bleeding skin and convolutions. Devastatingly, if the animal doesn’t die during the testing stage, they are killed afterwards.

Do you really want to put something on your skin that began with the torture of an animal?

We’re calling bullshit on animal testing. A bunch of alternative testing options have been developed including vitro (test tube) methods based on human tissue cultures and cells, studies with human volunteers and sophisticated computer-modelling techniques. Not only do these tests spare the lives of animals, they’ve actually been found to be more accurate for human testing.

With all these safer, more accurate options, it’s ludicrous animal testing still continues in the skincare and cosmetic industry, but sadly, it does.  Companies justify the torturous treatment of animals calling it “due diligence” and ensuring legal protection against any lawsuits that may arise if a person is harmed by a product. Animal testing also continues to occur in the development stages of ‘new’ chemicals which have never been tested. However, companies can formulate new products by choosing from thousands of ingredients that are already proven to be safe and don’t require animal testing. The bottom line is: animal testing is completely unethical and unnecessary.

We absolutely don’t want you to put anything on your skin that started out in a lab tested on animals.  We use a predominantly plant-based profile of ingredients and naturally derived ingredients. The benefit of this is these ingredients have been associated with an extensive history of human use.

While you may be allergic to a natural product, you’re likely to be aware of the reaction and the risk is smaller than using a commercially engineered chemical that is tested on an animal first.

If you’re siding with us and want to take a stand for our friends, there’s a simple way you can. Changing the world - and doing good stuff for your skin to boot! - comes down to making ethical product choices. By shopping your values and purchasing cruelty-free brands and natural products that haven’t harmed animals, you’re saying NO to testing and giving a voice to the beautiful creatures that spend their lives locked in cages.

We’re devastated that animal torture continues to occur but through the efforts of amazing animal welfare groups such as PETA, we hope to see animal testing banned across all industries.

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