Outlined below are the five values that act as our guiding principles in everything we endeavour to achieve. These values are a key to the very soul of H+H.


We operate on a 3 Key Ingredient rule. Whilst our products are a composition of many complimentary natural ingredients, we focus on 3 superstar elements and allow them to shine in H+H products.

Our skin is our largest organ, and despite having heard this many times we forget its basic functionality. Much like the rest of our body, our skin to has the capacity to absorb only so much. Throw in 50 ingredients in miniscule quantities, and the individual benefits of each ingredient is almost lost. Think of this as eating Banana Bread, as compared to a raw Banana. Your body only absorbs a fraction of the magnesium, potassium, and vitamins of the banana, but additionally now also has to filter through the fats and sugars of the processed bread.

We introduce simplicity as a means to honour a single ingredient that is capable of multiple benefits, the right 3-way combination capable of addressing almost every skin concern at once.


We emphasise on educating the consumer, and do this by sharing our knowledge database to create awareness around effective and safe skincare. Our H+H Diary tracks our stream of conscientiousness as a company – when we come across research that is relevant and interesting, we make it our responsibility to share this with you. Under each product on this website you can also see snapshot of the key bio-actives in each product, and are more than happy to provide any additional information to the interested user. With knowledge comes change, and with change comes empowerment. With more people made aware on alternatives to chemicals, the less chemicals we bring in to our homes, and our bodies.


H+H is built through a thriving community of pioneers in the natural beauty movement.

Behind each H+H product, there are a number of passionate minds who have contributed their research, experience and expertise to create superior natural blends. We are excited to build on this momentum by continuing to engage with a number of industry leading cosmetic scientists everyday, aspiring to build a brand in collaboration that we can be thoroughly proud of. 


This is our responsibility to the earth, the truest source of our products. We insist on choosing ingredients that are ethically derived, with environmentally friendly extraction and manufacturing methods. We do not use palm oil, unsustainable honey, Indian sandalwood or any other ingredients at risk of over farming, causing detrimental effects on the environment.

Our packaging materials utilise fully recyclable glass bottles & bioplastic bottles. All our ingredients are sourced locally, and manufactured in Australia as per Australian Cosmetic standards. We are proudly crafted without any sort of parabens, sulfates, ethoxylated cleansers, silicones, mineral oil, phthalates, DEA, PEG artificial colours or fragrances. Additionally, we ensure our suppliers meet the standards of being cruelty free. 

It is this responsibility that ensures the products we produce will be ones our consumers will feel good buying, not only because as they are fantastic skin care products, but also because they did not compromise the environment in its purchase.


Finally, our foundation principle is that of Integrity. We commit to being honest with our consumer, ensuring complete transparency in everything that makes H+H. Our customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that your needs and concerns are always met as a top priority. Half of us is Herbs, but the other half is our fiercely sincere Heart.

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