One of the biggest values we share at Herbs & Heart is the importance of giving back. Our three chosen causes allow us the opportunity to contribute to something much larger than us in a small way. 

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Animals, of all shapes, sizes & forms are dear to us at Herbs & Heart, it is why being cruelty free has been a non-negotiable from the start. Whilst the impact on animal suffering in our direct line of sight is given much awareness, wildlife is often overlooked due to our distance in interaction with them, and sadly Australia is ranked as having the highest rate of Mammal extinction in the world.

This is why I so highly appreciate the tireless work of the AWC to protect & conserve our precious, unique Australian wildlife. Protecting endangered wildlife across almost 4.8 million hectares in iconic regions such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Lake Eyre and the Top End, the AWC was borne out of one man’s mission to turn back the tide of extinctions of Australia’s native species. Supporting their cause means our wildlife continues to flourish for generations to come. 

Make Love not Scars

Born in India, I have had an intimate connection to this vast land of culture, chaos & beauty. Whilst my trips home have been filled with love, I have unfortunately also witnessed first hand the troubled nature of being a woman in India. Every year, India witnesses an estimated 1,000 reported acid attacks. 
Stumbling across the organisation 'Make Love not Scars' there has been an immediate connection to their cause. MLNS is a registered Indian non-government organisation that focuses on the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors from all walks of life, providing them aid with any medical, legal, educational, financial & pyscological need they require. The expression of beauty is anything but what is on the outside - the strength, resilience, and ambition of these survivors is what is truly beautiful in this world.

One Million Women

Taking care of our environment through sustainable practices has been an area H+H is constantly working on. The good work of One Million Woman is our ally in this practice, being at the forefront of spreading awareness in environmentally friendly day-to-day living. Campaigning against common household harmful practices, OMW is leading a band of women & girls from every corner of the planet to build a lifestyle revolution fighting climate crisis. 
We often think 'but I am just one, can I make that big of a difference?', by joining OMW you can track just how much difference you make. We're standing to support them in this endeavour to make this world a better place, one household at a time. 
 *Herbs & Heart is in noway affiliated with any of the above organisations. We support them through our online store where a percentage of your order is dedicated to each of the above cause. You can select which cause you'd like your purchase to go towards by selecting from the drop down menu within the cart page.