What do you choose: Fake or Real?

Let’s play a game.
Choose one of the below: 
  1. Fresh Strawberries or Strawberry Syrup
  2. Pure Cotton or Polyester
  3. Real Ocean Breeze or Aerosol Ocean Room Spray

If you are anything like me, and chose A for the above 3, then congratulations, you’re au naturale kinda gal.

Humans, us intelligent sexy beasts, have always been lauded for our innovation. Whilst I commend our species for the making of cool stuff like penicillin, internet, and Gangnam style – I have to ask the question, have we in some areas over-innovated?

All around us bears evidence to the fact that humans have created a bunch of stuff we don’t need, and all this over consumption is coming at a dire cost to our planet. Then there’s the whole economic side to it, where products are created cheaply solely with the intention of a greater profit margin for the pockets of greedy corporate giants.

It's my belief the beauty industry is a major catalyst to this.

In the golden era of beauty, expensive serums came at at an expensive cost to our environment. Why were we wasting our $$$ on skincare filled to the brim with petroleum derivatives, plastic polymers, and conflicted synthetics - Whilst PERFECTLY suited natural alternatives that were rooted in history, multitude in their benefits, and didn’t cost the earth *pun intended* were growing right in our backyard!?

To my tree-hugging soul this makes so much sense. Why, would I choose an ingredient list foreign to me, when I could choose an ingredient list tried-and-tested by my great-great-great grandmothers?

I dived into natural skincare to feed this curiosity, to understand and fill the gaps in my knowledge on ingredient science & our skin anatomy - and out came an epic skincare range that great gran would be pretty darn proud of.

On the flipside, in the conversation of sustainability, natural ingredients require minimal processing translating to ready-to-bottle state with lower carbon footprints than their synthetic counter parts.

Herbs & Heart not only revels in our awesome herbtastic labels, we enjoy the added benefit of small-scale manufacturing that ensures we remain eco-efficient at every stage in the production of your face potions.

And whilst we could always get a big-ass mixer, or an automatic labeller – stirring that mud with a whisk as big as my thigh whilst my dear Husband puts on his 100th label at 3 am – that’s where we put the heart into it.

The conversation for the “right beauty products” will carry on for aeons, but you need to ask yourself - what do you choose right now?

Made with god-knows-what…..or made with Herbs & Heart?

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