A crash course in Hand Health

Do you find yourself running to wash your hands every 5 minutes?

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

A minimum of 30 seconds.
Always keep Sanitiser handy.

Kills 99.9% of all germs.

These phrases have become synonymous with our way of life.

How does Soap & Sanitiser Help?

Human skin is an ideal surface for a virus to enjoy a marvellous feast of the rich proteins and fatty acids contained within our surface dead skin cells.

As per the doctor’s recommendation, hand washing & sanitising is our best defence at killing unwanted *nasties* that might have hitch hiked their way home with you on your latest grocery run.

Soap does this by disrupting and breaking down the protective layering around the virus cell called the lipid bi-layer. The weak velcro-like bonds of the internal structures within that make the cell start to fall apart, thankfully rendering the virus unable to cause more trouble.

Alcohol based sanitisers work in a similar fashion, however you require a healthy amount to saturate the skin, hence experts recommend hand-washing is a superior alternative than sanitising where possible.

But is this OK for our skin?

Whilst we’re totally on board with the agenda, as a skincare enthusiast my mind couldn’t help but dwell on how excessive washing and sanitising affects our skin.

If you think the ease of which your dishwashing liquid strips away the grease off your plate you can imagine the same action working on your hands. To simplify this, our skin maintains a delicate balance of oil & water. The constant stripping away of these natural oils wreak havoc, deteriorating our skin barrier.

A compromised skin barrier is a concern for many reasons. For one, our skin is no longer effective at holding moisture in, leading to dryness, flaking, and in some extreme cases microtears that appear as cracks on the surface. When dry, our skin is less resilient to the invasion of harmful pathogens, and due to the disruption of normal bacteria flora (the good germs that live on your skin and actually work to protect you, now lathered and flushed away) we’re effectively making ourselves more susceptible. Yikes, I don’t want to use clichés, but even in this case, too much of a good thing could be a bad thing.

So we got to work. It’s a habit of mine. If me, or any of my loved ones are suffering a skin-related concern, I am dutifully called to help, and I take this duty very seriously.

Introducing our After Sanitiser Overnight Hand Mask.

This is the real deal no nonsense solution to solving all your hand-repairing-moisture-replenishing needs.

10x richer than just any hand-lotion, this mask works it’s magic while you sleep. I purposefully designed this formula to be used at night so that it doesn’t interfere with your daytime hand care. Think of this product as a companion to your Sanitiser – and use in conjunction for optimal hand health.

The mask is formulated with nourishing oils and butters to soothe and encourage a healthy skin barrier. To use, you only need a pea-sized amount to massage over your hands just before bed. Pop on a pair of our cotton gloves for even deeper moisturising action. You will be delighted at how incredibly soft and happy your hands feel in the morning!

As a special introductory offer, we’re giving away our first lot at 25% off!

Get yours here.

Stay safe and Healthy everyone, and remember to wash (& moisturise) your hands!





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