Porridge....for the face?

Oats aren’t just a super food to eat. Beyond the humble bowl of brekkie porridge, they’re super for your skin too. Oats are a mini miracle when used topically; you can exfoliate, wash your face, treat your hair and even bathe with super versatile, nourishing oats.

Oats have been a skincare staple for centuries and were initially more popular for what they could do for you on the outside rather than inside. The rich proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamin E, and a wealth of antioxidants found in oats set them apart from other cereal grains. Let’s take a look at why oats float our boat.

Oats are deeply hydrating

The starches in oats have an amazing ability to mop up water and bind it to the skin to replenish moisture levels. Oat’s polysaccharide (carbohydrate) and lipid (fat) content hold moisture in the outermost layer of the skin, helping protect and heal the epidermis while preventing water loss -  aka super moisturising!

Oats are an amazing natural, gentle cleanser

Oats are packed full of cleansers called saponins, compounds that are naturally occurring in many legumes and grains. These saponins gently absorb dirt and oil from the pores, making oats an ideal ingredient for cleansers and soaps. Oats work hard to fight acne-causing bacteria, absorbing excess oils but doing so gently, without disturbing the skin’s barrier. They also restore the pH balance of the skin, super important to keep your acid mantle in check. 

Oats  give you a beautifully even skin tone

Rich in antioxidant compounds called avenanthramides, oats will reduce redness and inflammation, smoothing out the appearance of skin tone. Oats are especially effective in soothing irritation from UV radiation, good news if you’ve gone a little crazy in getting your tan on. Oats are also a fantastic exfoliator, gently but effectively sloughing away dead cells revealing glowing, even skin beneath.

Sensitive and troubled skin loves oats

The skin healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and itch relieving benefits of oats make them a great choice sensitive, allergy or eczema prone skin. Oats help in the recovery of skin inflamed by eczema by restoring the skin barrier, moisturising and reducing inflammation. The anti-inflammatory nature also helps heal psoriasis lesions and can reduce itching caused by skin diseases like fungal infections.

Hydrolysed Oats is a soluble form of naturally derived whole oats, an amazingly beneficial cosmetic ingredient in moisturisers and a star ingredient of our Aloe Whip!

A natural humectant, Hydrolysed Oats contain conditioning agents that deliver a super hit of hydration, sealing in moisture and allowing for the bio-actives of other ingredients to continually nourish the skin.

When used in cosmetic skin care, oats in this soluble form help maintain elasticity and banish fine lines. Hydrolysed Oats also reduce the greasy texture of a moisturiser because it acts like an emulsifier, giving a decadent creamy texture your skin will love soaking up.

Sensitive skin won’t shy away from oats in the soluble form either. Hydrolysed Oats is a perfect cosmetic addition for ‘all-rounder’ skincare, the benefits we’ve mentioned above means this gentle, calming ingredient can heal and soothe even the most sensitive skin.

As an extra delish bonus, the oats give our Aloe Whip a totally delectable scent of muesli and vanilla. Yum!



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