Why EVERYTHING Anti-Ageing Needs This One Ingredient

We know, we know, there’s always a next NEW best thing. But this ingredient, which contains over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients, has been around for over 1000 years. ONE THOUSAND. We’re talking back to the Chinese Medicine ages. We’re talking an ingredient you need to be best friends with, especially if you’re looking for anti-ageing skincare. Enter: Sea Buckthorn Oil.

You might be wondering…sea buckthorn? Is that a plant? Is it marine? Is it vegan? What is it really? It's a little orange berry. (Our mystical guesses were denied). These are “cheerful orange berries” packed with nutrients, such as antioxidants—the warriors that go to battle for us to fight inflammation and free radicals.

Carotenoids are the specific antioxidants that sea buckthorn contains, vitamins A, C, and E, nourishing omegas 3, 6, 7, 9 (say yum), and essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins…aka collagen, what supports skin’s elasticity). And we don’t want to just gently mention vitamin C: sea buckthorn provides 10 times more vitamin C than oranges!!!

Not only are you getting vital anti-ageing antioxidant protection, sea buckthorn also:

  • Helps the skin repair itself from scarring, sun damage (oops, that’s me!!), and promotes wound healing
  • Boosts collagen production (which we all need as we age – because hey, our skin’s not getting any firmer). The oil is full of nutrients that promotes faster cellular regeneration and can strengthen the skin and restore elasticity. This can also create a smoother, healthier complexion.
  • Fights bacteria (hello acne sufferers!) – sea buckthorn oil has a natural anti-bacterial property
  • Retains moisture in the skin – thanks to a healthy dose of essential fatty acids, sea buckthorn oil can take care of dry, flaky, and aging skin. This natural oil can fade fine lines and wrinkles to revive the skin.
  • Helps lighten age spots (say WHAT?!) – sea buckthorn oil contains vitamin C as well as the antioxidant “gallocatechins,” which are effective against excess melanin in the skin. Melanin is what gives colour to the skin. A 2013 study showed sea buckthorn oil helped decrease levels of melanin and helped fade dark areas on the skin.

Are you ready to start smothering your face (or your entire body, we’d understand!) in sea buckthorn oil? We’d first recommend Herbs + Heart’s “Two Drops,” a vibrant and rich face oil, containing sea buckthorn of course, with potent antioxidants to restore the glow to tired, dull skin.

Two Drops is perfect even for mature skin, helping to stimulate and heal our skin barrier and protect it from environmental stressors. It can be used as a night serum for those with Normal to Oily skin, and even a daytime moisturiser booster for those with very dry, or irritated skin.


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