Miracles of the Dead Sea

Cleopatra is history’s most notorious fashionista. Spending the equivalent of billions on daily skincare, she attributed her famed beauty to the mystical healing powers of the Dead Sea, even going so far as to attempt to buy the sea. Instead, she settled on building a string of spas on its shores. Of course, it would be silly to follow beauty techniques from Antiquity; the Egyptians used crushed pig’s eye as a medicine. However, recent discoveries have found that Cleopatra might not have been so far off. Dead Sea Salt has begun it’s rise to fame in the beauty industry yet again.

Salt from the Dead Sea is unique to other salts and even other sea salts. With only 12% sodium chloride, 8 times less than table salt, it’s packed with 21 other minerals at much higher concentrations. These minerals are wonderful for your body and even better for the skin.

The levels of magnesium in the salt promotes healing in skin tissues and pumps up the skin’s metabolic reactions, meaning that users have fewer allergic reactions. It’s this factor believed to be the main cause behind the reduction of skin disorder symptoms. Recent studies have found that patients suffering from dandruff, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or other inflammatory diseases see up to a 90% reduction in their skin conditions when soaking in the salty waters.

The bromide and sodium soothes skin, relaxing body muscles and calming nerves in ways similar to Epsom salts. Sodium also helps remove carbon dioxide in the skin, which helps cleanse toxins from your skin and promotes oxygen circulation. Sodium also regulates fluids that aren’t in the bloodstream, making your skin softer and keeps it hydrated.

Sulfur disinfects the skin and detoxifies deep into the dermal layer, getting rid of fat-soluable toxins and reducing fatty stores like cellulite. It kills bacterial growth and decreases inflammation. This means that acne is less likely to form and the infected puss drains faster from you skin. In addition to this, sulfur prevents plaque from forming in your vessels, keeping the blood pumping like it should and making your skin glow.

Calcium helps to grow skin faster, powering new growth, shedding dead skin faster, and thickening the cells themselves to turn fragile, thin skin durable and supple. Zinc, especially with the calcium, helps protect against sunburn, regulating melanin production and prevent cancer. On its own, zinc boosts the immune system to prevent acne breakouts up to 85% and heals cuts and infections faster. Plus, since zinc is six times more concentrated on the top of your skin than in lower layers, the salt’s high zinc levels help rejuvenate and repair our outer layers of skin quickly and efficiently.

On top of all of these wonderful benefits, Dead Sea Salt is a perfect, gentle exfoliator. It will remove dead skin, mildly smoothing skin and unclogging pores without causing dryness, redness, or flaking skin that comes from the harsh chemical scrubs and acids commonly used. So, while its exact qualities may not be mystical, this incredible ingredient does indeed have healing qualities your skin should be benefiting from.

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