Mindfulness & Skincare

The practice of mindfulness is grounded in ancient eastern traditions but in recent years it’s been swept into the media spotlight  as a practical way to diffuse the stress of busy modern lives. We’re encouraged to be more mindful in our daily routines, to bring a new level awareness and appreciation of stuff we usually do on autopilot. We can benefit from eating, exercising, working, socialising and even applying our skincare more mindfully.

Mindfulness is basically the practice of living in the moment. Cultivating the habit of being present and paying close attention to what is happening and accepting, without judgement, the feelings and thoughts that come with the moment.


Practicing mindfulness can improve both mental and physical health, helping reduce anxiety, increase energy levels and nourish a more focused, less reactive mind. The awesome thing about mindfulness is it’s not just reserved for spiritual gurus who live on mountain tops and have countless hours to spend being….well, mindful.

The non gurus of us can still find time to incorporate this restorative and energising practice into many parts of a busy daily routine. A great place to start is with skincare!

A mindful approach to skincare means being attentive to the entire experience of applying your daily skincare products, focusing on and enjoying each step of the process. It’s a great opportunity to turn a ‘routine task’ into a beautiful act of self care and replenishment. A mindful skincare routine will become something to look forward to, a daily chance to energise and cleanse not only your skin, but your mind too. Sound good? Here’s a few ways to get into a mindful groove when it comes to skincare.


Start your skincare routine with a few deep, calming breaths. Run water and splash your face, listening to the sound of the water as you prepare to cleanse. Applying your cleanser, pay close attention to the texture, noticing how it feels on your skin and any subtle reactions. Our cleansing Face Mud is blended with Manuka Honey which activates to natural hydrogen on contact with water, drawing out impurities deeply embedded within the skin. No matter your skin type, you’ll be doing great things for your complexion adding our Face Mud to your routine.

Purposefully applying a moisturiser is a great opportunity to notice and enjoy the fragrance of your skincare. Our nourishing Aloe Whip moisturiser has a delicious scent of muesli with a hint of vanilla, making it a wonderful addition to a mindful skincare practice.


You know how much we love multi functional products (Read our article on Why Less Is More) and happily, multi functional products are perfect for a mindful skincare routine.  Less products  mean you have time to apply each carefully and thoughtfully, without having to rush through the process because you’ve got an onerous 10 step routine! Fewer products means fewer decisions to make and simplicity supports the practice of mindfulness. It’s easier to adopt mindful habits when you’re not surrounded by mind stressing clutter. By swapping  2 or 3 products for 1, our multi functional products will help rescue a cluttered cabinet, and set you up with a beautifully clear space to support your mindfulness practice.


Embracing mindfulness when it comes to skincare can help you discover what your skin actually needs and use products better suited to your complexion. When we rush through our daily routine without paying attention, we may miss signs of skin distress or the changing state of our skin. Mindful skincare means you can keep  a close eye on your complexion and change up products when needed.


A mindful skin care routine in the evening is the perfect step to wind down and switch gears by focusing on a mindful treatment for your whole body. What better way to do this than with a luxurious, aromatic bath soak. Pop on some relaxing background music and take mindfulness to the next level by practicing deep breathing exercises as you soak in the tub. Pay attention to the scent and temperature of the water, reminding yourself you are washing away any stress from the day, relieving muscle tension and inviting restful sleep for later in the evening. 

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