Calendula: A Pot of [Mari]Gold

Used since the 12th century for all kinds of skin problems, the Calendula flower is a super versatile natural skin care. Rescuing inflamed, dry and chapped skin, Calendula’s powerful healing and moisturising properties also tick the boxes for anti aging and skin brightening. We love Calendula and want to share with you some of the impressive benefits of this skin care hero. 

Calendula belongs to the daisy family and you may know it by the common name ‘pot marigold’’. This aromatic annual plant is native to the mediterranean and it popular for both ornamental and medicinal purposes. Traditionally used to treat stomach upsets, ulcers and menstrual issues, Calendula is now used extensively in skin care thanks to it’s amazing antibacterial and antiviral properties. It’s powerful effects aid wound healing, collagen production and scar prevention yet it’s gentle enough to use as skin care for even reactive and sensitive skin types. 


Calendula is wonderful natural wound healer. It contains high concentrations of  linoleic acid which boasts incredible anti-inflammatory activity. Used topically, Calendula can soothe many common types of inflammatory skin issues including mild rashes,  dermatitis, eczema and  sunburn. Helping new blood vessels to form, Calendula speeds up tissue regeneration making it a great way to  naturally aid the healing process of a wound. Calendula oil can also help to treat dreaded varicose and spider veins. 


The powerful skin regenerating properties of Calendula stimulate collagen, making it the perfect addition to anti-ageing skin care. The Calendula flower takes it’s orange hue from carotenoids, the pigment that gives red, orange or yellow plants their colour. Carotenoids boast amazing results for glowing skin and play an important role in the body’s immune system.

Thanks to high levels of antioxidants found in Calendula, this flower has a natural protective property to fight the aging effects of free radicals and all the lovely linolenic acid in calendula can help reduce skin damaging effects of the sun. 


Hydrating and gentle, Calendula is the perfect pick me up for dry, parched skin and can deliver relief to eczema sufferers. Calendula contains oil soluble sterols to increase skin plumpness and it’s ideal for the delicate under eye area to target fine lines.  Calendula is also wonderful for generally lightening and brightening the skin, including reducing the appearance of freckles and contains vitamin E, to deliver seriously supple skin. 


If you suffer from acne, consider experimenting with Calendula. It can help improve the skin's appearance and also regulate sebum production. Salicylic acid is found in Calendula and it’s antiseptic properties  help to eliminate the bacteria trapped inside skin pores responsible for acne. As we discovered above, Calendula is healing and stimulates cell regeneration which can help clear acne lesions. 

Loving the sound of Calendula? We’ve got you covered. Try our beautifully restorative Skin Tonic. Calendula is one of the 3 hero ingredients of the tonic, working together with Rose and Witch Hazel as a toner & make-up remover that soothes, heals and hydrates the skin pre-moisturising.  

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