Mini-Deluxe Set for Travel


A complete travel-friendly mini set of our Face Range. Complete with a custom carry pouch, the mini-set features the 'Face Mud’, ‘Skin Tonic’, your choice of Moisturiser, and the ‘Elixir.’ 

Step 1: Cleanse & Exfoliate with Face Mud

Scoop a small amount of Face Mud & form a paste with some warm water. Use paste for deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation to reveal polished fresh skin ready to absorb nutrients of a toner and moisturiser. Leave on for a few minutes before washing off as an express spa treatment. 

Step 2: Tone & Refresh with the Skin Tonic for instant hydration

Spritz Skin Tonic generously to deliver rapid hydration and essential nutrients any time of the day. Can also be used with a cotton pad to remove light make-up.

Step 3: Moisturise with your choice between Aloe Whip & Cell Gel

Protect the skin barrier against harsh environmental factors with the aid of a high performance moisturiser, choosing a hydration system that suits your preference. Apply a generous pump all over face & neck.

Our moisturisers last 24 hours, ensuring well hydrated skin all day long.

Step 4: Give your skin that extra glow with our Elixir Serum

For an extra nutrient boost or for the perfect under make up base, gently pat our Elixir - a potent serum with light refracting gold particles to give you a youthful glow naturally. 


Kit Includes:

1 x Herbs & Heart Mesh Carry Pouch

1 x 20ml Face Mud

1 x 30ml Skin Tonic

1 x 20ml Aloe Whip OR 20ml Cell Gel

1 x 10ml Elixir


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